Two Months!

Today is my 2-month quitaversary - it's been two months since I officially quit Facebook.  Since then, I've had friends ping me with questions about leaving, most commonly these three questions:

1. Was it hard to walk away from Facebook?  I could never do that!!

Actually, I bet most people could do it. I was honestly surprised how easy it was! And I'm surprised how much more productive my days have been since leaving. The first day, I sat down and checked my mail as I usually do, checked a few social media sights that are not named 'Facebook', then walked away. I hung curtains in Captain Awesome's room, drafted a plan for a desert garden in our side yard, and caught up on a list of phone calls I'd been avoiding. All before 10 a.m.

I never was one to post every thought or action throughout the day, but I usually had Facebook open in the background while I was working and those pop-up notifications would pull me in multiple times each day.  I didn't realize what a distraction it was until I didn't have them any longer!  Now when I am working at my computer, I find myself completely focused and finishing tasks so much faster.

2. Why did you leave?  Someone must have really pissed you off!

There were multiple factors, and no one person has enough power over me to make me leave.  So, there's that.  Here's my mid-year Airing of Grievances which led to my exit:

- Targeted advertising.  The ads were becoming creepily micro-targeted. My FB bio was purposely vague, which meant the targeting came mostly from keywords in my posts AND responses to other posts, as well as other factors the algorithm pulls in.  I disliked that FB was able to compile so much information about me from multiple sources.

- The ugly tone, the politics, the hatred, and the condescending arrogance.....all this coming from 'friends'.  Facebook was fun when people shared stories and silly things.  I enjoyed reconnecting with friends, and staying in touch with those who moved away. I loved sharing in friends' kids' milestones and accomplishments.  In the past, my feed was filled with photos of happy families, food porn, goofy pets, and I lived vicariously through friends when they posted travel adventures. Not so much any more.

- The lack of privacy.  Remember when you could Like or comment on a friend's post without Facebook sharing it with the world?  And remember when your friends could do the same without you seeing it?  Those were the good old days!  My brother posted some of the funniest political cartoons, and I liked them because they made me laugh.  However, some people interpreted that 'Like' as something other than "it made me laugh".  On the flip side, my feed was filled with friends' comments on other posts, some of which shocked me.  I'd rather not know some of those things.

3. Are you coming back?  I miss the stories about your family!

I'm not going back.  Facebook has devolved beyond the point of no return, IMO. 

I do pop in to update my business page (but am considering pulling that as well), and I am an admin on two pages that I can't walk away from.  So, I'm there, but I'm not. I continue to use Messenger and check my messages daily.

I'm still working on moving some of my FB content here, which is why the current posts are slow in coming.  I'm sorting through it, deleting things and transferring the 'keepers' over here. 

The family stories have returned here, where they should have been all along.