Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Talkin' Story.....the Grown Up Years!

So, it's been a while and once a gain I am contemplating reviving the blog.  So much has changed, and I am trying to come at it from a different perspective.

The Hubster has retired from the Marine Corps and is a full-time civilian.  I have a seasonal full-time job, and my own business the remainder of the year.  We are also in the process of buying our forever home.  It's like we are living as grownups for the first time, ever.

The Diva has graduated from college.  She recently left a good job to accept a position overseas.  In all honestly, there are days I miss her terribly (a LOT of days!), but I'm happy she doesn't feel confined and settled and limited in any way.  She is taking full advantage of her location, and traveling extensively.  Still, I am looking forward to her contract being up and having her back.   

The Blonde One graduated from college and is now in grad school.  He is close enough that he pops in most weekends to raid the refrigerator and hang with his brothers, but it's an adjustment having him NOT here. As is typical of him, he has a Nottagirlfriend who lives nearby and he allocates one weekend day to her.

The Wildcard is living at home in his second year of college, but will be transferring in the fall.....and moving out.  If all goes as planned, he and the Blonde One will be roommates.  They have grown to be best friends, without the drama of best friends. 

Captain Awesome is, well, still awesome.  He will be starting middle school (!!) next year.  He is witty and sassy and mature beyond his years.  I'm not sure how he is going to manage being the only child in the house with two grownup parents! do I continue the blog with so many changes since the early blogging days?  Right now I'm leaning toward more of a lifestyle theme, rather than a family theme.  (Adult kids don't provide as much blog fodder as younger kids, KWIM??)  

As of tonight, this is where I think I'm heading with blog posts:

- We are buying a home.  After years of downsizing as kids move out, we are upsizing again.  I want to re-furnish it with (mostly) used and re-purposed items.  (I draw the line at mattresses and anything upholstered though!)

- I am trying to learn to enjoy cooking.  All of my friends who enjoy cooking also enjoy drinking, so there's a perk.

- I'm still very much into photography. and often take outings with local photography groups.  I also enjoy road trips and photography weekends by myself, and travel with friends and family.

- Family stories, because.  :)

Basically, I'm leaning toward a "my kids are moving out and I'm starting a new phase in life and focusing on myself" theme.



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Anonymous said...

I really didn't expect to see a post when I clicked on my Talkin' Story bookmark...surprise! Whatever you write, I'll read.