Ridin' the Storm Out....

So, now that the kids are older, the Hubster and I are able to get out and do a few things we enjoy without worry.

Like our Sunday bike rides.  

Generally, we ride about 30 miles round-trip along the coast, where it is mostly flat, scenic, and still a decent workout.  Sometimes we do the river ride, which is similar, but not as scenic.  

And then, there are The Hills.  

Every once in a while the Hubster decides we need to ride hills.  And, to make it more 'interesting', the hills are done in conjunction with the coast or the river.  Like, we ride hills, then head to the beach or river to ride, then ride hills on the way back.

This weekend he decided we need to ride hills.  But before we left, he checked the tire pressure (as he always does), then (per my request) looked at my brakes.

The brakes have been needing a bit of attention, and I thought this was a good time for it.  

My mistake.

He took the entire mechanism apart, then 'tweaked' it.  

The result?  The brake pads rubbed the entire way, causing more resistance on The Hills.  Plus, as an added benefit, the shifting mechanism was possessed and did its own thing the entire ride.  Nothing like pushing up a hill and having your bike switch into 7th gear.....unless you are pedaling downhill and have your bike suddenly pop into 1st gear.  Good times.

When we FINALLY returned home, he raved about what an great workout it was.  And I wanted to kill him.

My bike is in for a tuneup now, the tech said the brakes alone were a safety hazard.  Even better?  It won't be ready in time for the weekend.....and I will need that much time to recover.