Spell Checking

So, Captain Awesome is in third grade this year.  (I know, I know, where did the time go??!!) 

He has always been above grade level in everything except handwriting and motivation, so we were pretty happy that his new teacher had always taught fourth grade.  His school in Hawaii was not so interested in challenging the kids, and the teacher always seemed annoyed when kids wanted more difficult work.

His new teacher has been great about giving enrichment work (ie. fourth grade assignments) to the kids who are ready for it.  

Take, for example, spelling words.  The kids get their spelling words on Monday and can immediately take a pre-test.  If you pass the pre-test, you don't have to take the Friday test.  Because some of the weekly homework involves spelling words, the kids who pass the pre-test can choose twenty words off a 6-page list of Challenge Words and use those for the spelling homework.  So, instead of writing sentences with the spelling words, they write sentences using the challenge words.  Got it?

This week Captain Awesome decided to do the pre-test, and passed with flying colors.  

He came home with the list of Challenge Words, and on it he had circled the twenty words he wanted to use this week.  I glanced over his choices (legislation, administration, periwinkles, magnificent....) and noticed that they were definitely challenging, more so than most of the words on the page.  

I asked him how he chose the words and he said, "I just went down the list and circled the biggest words."  This surprised me a bit, especially considering his lazy streak. 

Apparently the lazy streak returned.  

Tonight when I reviewed his spelling homework - use each word in a sentence - I found this:

1.  The legislation is lame.
2.  The administration is lame.
3.  Periwinkles are lame.
4.  Being magnificent is lame.

(You get the point.)

That's my boy.