I'm An Idiot, Volume XXVIII

When we moved into the 1950's Beach Cottage, we knew we were giving up space for the convenience of having the World's Best Beach across the street.  One of those conveniences was a kitchen with storage.

As I was unpacking our kitchen boxes, I came across lots and lots of Tupperware and lots and lots of Tupperware lids.  The big problem was that space was limited and that we simply had too much Tupperware crap.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, I piled all the Tupperware in one corner, then separated the lids into two piles:  Lids With Bottoms and Orphaned Lids.  My plan, of course, was to ditch the Orphaned Lids to conserve space in the cupboard.

The only problem with that plan is that I'm an idiot and was working on too few hours of sleep.

I tossed the Lids With Bottoms.

I was left with a cupboard full of Tupperware with no lids, and a drawer full of Orphaned Lids.  I'm reminded of it EVERY FREAKIN' TIME we have leftovers.

signed.....looking for a Tuppewrare dealer who specializes in 1990-era lids. 


Anonymous said…
I did that with my husband's kitchen tools...one bag was for donating, the other had stuff that needed a place in the kitchen...oops.