Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Lost in Translation

So, I took the kid for a haircut.  He keeps wavering between the Blonde One's curls and the Wildcard's short spikiness and finally it was time for me to intervene.  Yes the long curls were cute, but he just couldn't carry the look like his older brother could.  

So, we opted for short and maybe spiky.

Because I really can't make a commitment, I dropped in to a hair salon on the way home from karate the other night.  As luck would have it, there were no openings for walkins.  The following day, on the way to the commissary we had the same luck.

Finally, on the way to Costco with Captain Awesome in tow, we stopped at Fantastic Sam's and were told that it would only be a ten minute wait.  That was, well, fantastic.

Like clockwork, ten minutes later the little Vietnamese hairstylist popped her head out and called Captain Awesome's name.  I walked back to the chair with him, helped him get situated, and talked to the hairstylist for a minute.

She couldn't stop looking at him in the mirror, with a slightly puzzled look on her face.

"Is it boy or girl?" she finally asked.

I assured her that "it" was a boy, and that he would like a short, spiky hair cut, cut short around the ears and neck.  She seemed to understand.

So, I took a spot in the seating area where I could watch, but not interfere.  A minute later she was back.

"Um, mom?  She so cute.  She should have bob!"

Visions of my cute little ninja walking out with a curly bob, glittery Barbie nail extensions, and an intriguing story to tell his therapist in the future bounced through my head.

Thank God for photo books.  A picture truly is worth a million words.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

I'm An Idiot, Volume XXVIII

When we moved into the 1950's Beach Cottage, we knew we were giving up space for the convenience of having the World's Best Beach across the street.  One of those conveniences was a kitchen with storage.

As I was unpacking our kitchen boxes, I came across lots and lots of Tupperware and lots and lots of Tupperware lids.  The big problem was that space was limited and that we simply had too much Tupperware crap.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, I piled all the Tupperware in one corner, then separated the lids into two piles:  Lids With Bottoms and Orphaned Lids.  My plan, of course, was to ditch the Orphaned Lids to conserve space in the cupboard.

The only problem with that plan is that I'm an idiot and was working on too few hours of sleep.

I tossed the Lids With Bottoms.

I was left with a cupboard full of Tupperware with no lids, and a drawer full of Orphaned Lids.  I'm reminded of it EVERY FREAKIN' TIME we have leftovers.

signed.....looking for a Tuppewrare dealer who specializes in 1990-era lids. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Last night as I was tucking Captain Awesome into bed and giving him his nightly eight kisses and an eight-second hug, I noticed how good he smelled.  It was fresh, clean, soapy goodness.....more so than usual.

Me:  You smell good tonight!

Captain Awesome:  That's because it's Tuesday.

And with that, the conversation was over.  At least in his mind.

Me (with an obviously dumb look):  Huh?  

Captain Awesome:  It's my system.  In the shower.  You know, my shower system.

(I tilt my head left, then right, like a curious puppy.)

Captain Awesome (after a big sigh):  On Monday I scrub my left arm.  Twice.

On Tuesday I scrub my left arm and my right arm.  Twice.

On Wednesday I scrub my left arm and my right arm and my belly.  Twice.

On Thursday I scrub my left arm and my right arm and my belly and my right leg.  Twice.

On Friday I scrub my left arm and my right arm and my belly and my right leg and my left leg.  Twice.

If you think I smell good now, wait until Friday.