Proof I'm Raising Nerdy Kids:

When kids rebel, watch out.  You really never know where their rebellious ways will take them......

Take Captain Awesome, for example. 

Yesterday he came home from school in a pissy mood, which wasn't surprising.  When he walked in the door and tried to log on to the computer, I reminded him that he hadn't completed his homework the night before and had been in a mad rush in the morning to complete it and still get to school on time.

The kicker was that he knew he had homework, but chose not to mention it to me until 7:25 a.m.

So, the new rule was that homework had to be done AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR.  NO exceptions.  Period.

So, after a bit (okay a lot) of fuss, Captain Awesome pulled his math book out of his backpack and did two pages of division problems. He followed that up with ten spelling sentences, a science worksheet, and twenty minutes of reading.  

When he finished, I let him get on the computer and all was good.

And then, this morning happened.

He got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and brushed his teeth.  As I handed him his backpack he looked at me and said, "What do you think I am?  Stupid or something?"

I was clueless.

"That math homework I did last night?  The two pages of division problems?  That wasn't my homework.  We're not even on division yet."


Then he pulled out his math book, opened to a page of geometry and spent ten seconds circling images that could be folded from the given flat shapes. 

"See that?  THAT was my math homework.  I just did the division to trick you."

Yeah.........okay.  You win, buddy.