Friday, June 04, 2010

I Needed That

So, after an exceptionally crappy week, I picked Destructo up at noon after his half day kindergarten was complete.

He was in a pissy mood because Princess Jellybean toyed with him about a play date, then stood him up yet again. To make matters worse, I told him it was time for a haircut, and we headed off to get his curls clipped for the summer.

Generally he sits still as a statue for his haircut, collects his lollipop and is out the door without a peep.

Today, notsomuch.

He sat still as a statue until the stylist whipped out the clippers instead of scissors.

He HATES clippers. So he cried. And wriggled.

The very young stylist tried to comfort him by saying that she knows how he feels. After all, the clippers are very SHARP!!! She cut her finger that morning, and showed him the damage. Then she flicked the "on" switch and maneuvered the clippers in the direction of his left ear.

He screamed.

After talking him down and holding him still, the curls were history....but not without a few promises made for good behavior. Like, lunch at Burger King because they have Marmaduke toys.

It's strange, but there are very few Burger Kings in this area. We drove a few miles to the one we knew, the one where I have always had some sort of odd confrontation. Last time we were there an elderly woman was hallucinating about visions in the parking lot. I didn't want to be rude, so I played along and pretended I saw the same things. She went back to her meal, we finished ours, and we left.

Destructo and I managed to finish our meals without incident. He was happy with his Marmaduke toy, and the haircut incident was history.

As we headed out the door we passed a table with two adorable men, senior citizens enjoying their fifteenth coffee for the day.

One of them smiled and said, "That's a really fine looking boy you've got there! And well behaved too!"

I smiled and thanked him, as did Destructo.

Then the other piped up, "Well, Hell....Mom's fine looking too!! What did you expect?"

(I love him.)