Monday, February 08, 2010


The Hubster had a job interview today.

It was his third. He was runner-up for one job (which we later learned was a blessing in disguise), and he withdrew after interviewing for the other position.

So, now we're waiting and contemplating.

He goes back and forth about retiring. If the right thing came along, he would retire in a heartbeat.

The problem arises when the job opportunity is in that grey area.

It's a low-key job, which is what he wants after 20 years in the Marine Corps.

The location isn't top on our list, but close enough.

The pay? He would be underpaid for what he has to offer. His retirement pay would make up for it, but he would still go to work every day knowing he was underpaid. For the area, the pay is great; for someone with his background, not so much.

Pay and location are our biggest deal makers/breakers right now.

It's a foot in the door, in a lot of ways. That's a plus, right?

On a side note, he received an e-mail today saying he was on a short list for a 12-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Kind of cancels out the low pay issue, doesn't it?