Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Life has changed.

The Husband is retiring from the Marine Corps.

The boys and I are living in our house in Florida, seeing if any job opportunities arise in the area. In the meantime, we are living out of suitcases with minimal furnishings. As one realtor put it, "Do you have college students renting your place?" Sadly, no.

The Husband and The Diva are living in a furnished rental in California. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that place.....

Everything we own is in storage. I miss my stuff.

I really, really miss my stuff!

When the dust settles and one (or both) of us secures a real job, we can resume life as normal.

Welcome to "Talkin' Story......the Limbo Year(s)".

Friday, June 04, 2010

I Needed That

So, after an exceptionally crappy week, I picked Destructo up at noon after his half day kindergarten was complete.

He was in a pissy mood because Princess Jellybean toyed with him about a play date, then stood him up yet again. To make matters worse, I told him it was time for a haircut, and we headed off to get his curls clipped for the summer.

Generally he sits still as a statue for his haircut, collects his lollipop and is out the door without a peep.

Today, notsomuch.

He sat still as a statue until the stylist whipped out the clippers instead of scissors.

He HATES clippers. So he cried. And wriggled.

The very young stylist tried to comfort him by saying that she knows how he feels. After all, the clippers are very SHARP!!! She cut her finger that morning, and showed him the damage. Then she flicked the "on" switch and maneuvered the clippers in the direction of his left ear.

He screamed.

After talking him down and holding him still, the curls were history....but not without a few promises made for good behavior. Like, lunch at Burger King because they have Marmaduke toys.

It's strange, but there are very few Burger Kings in this area. We drove a few miles to the one we knew, the one where I have always had some sort of odd confrontation. Last time we were there an elderly woman was hallucinating about visions in the parking lot. I didn't want to be rude, so I played along and pretended I saw the same things. She went back to her meal, we finished ours, and we left.

Destructo and I managed to finish our meals without incident. He was happy with his Marmaduke toy, and the haircut incident was history.

As we headed out the door we passed a table with two adorable men, senior citizens enjoying their fifteenth coffee for the day.

One of them smiled and said, "That's a really fine looking boy you've got there! And well behaved too!"

I smiled and thanked him, as did Destructo.

Then the other piped up, "Well, Hell....Mom's fine looking too!! What did you expect?"

(I love him.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Princess Jellybean

Destructo has a little friend who lives two doors down and is in his kindergarten class. I'll call her Princess Jellybean (because that's how she refers to herself at times).

Princess Jellybean's parents are divorced and she lives with her dad. At the beginning of the school year, I offered to pick her up after school with Destructo and drop her off at the babysitters, it was right on my way anyway.

Princess Jellybean is one of those kids who has to one-up everyone, no matter the subject. It's an annoying habit in adults.....but pretty amusing when it involves a couple of kindergartners.

Today's conversation began with Destructo showing Princess Jellybean a toy that the Husband had brought home from a recent trip.

Princess Jellybean: I go on trips sometimes.

Destructo: Me too.

Princess Jellybean: I've gone on a plane to Florida before.

Destructo: Me too. Lots of times.

Princess Jellybean: Sometimes I go every weekend.

Destructo: Oh.

Princess Jellybean: My cousins live there. I have lots of cousins.

Destructo: I have lots of cousins too.

Princess Jellybean: Yeah? Well, I have fifteen.

Destructo: I have like thirty or forty.....

Princess Jellybean: I meant to say, "I have fifteen hundred."

As hard as I tried, I just couldn't keep from giggling at that one. Of course that interrupted their conversation and put the focus on me.

Me: You have fifteen hundred cousins?

Princess Jellybean: Yes. I do. Really.

Me: What are their names?

Princess Jellybean: There's Mia. And David.....Little David, I mean. And Big David. And.....ummmm....Big Mia. Some of them I don't know their names.

Monday, February 08, 2010


The Hubster had a job interview today.

It was his third. He was runner-up for one job (which we later learned was a blessing in disguise), and he withdrew after interviewing for the other position.

So, now we're waiting and contemplating.

He goes back and forth about retiring. If the right thing came along, he would retire in a heartbeat.

The problem arises when the job opportunity is in that grey area.

It's a low-key job, which is what he wants after 20 years in the Marine Corps.

The location isn't top on our list, but close enough.

The pay? He would be underpaid for what he has to offer. His retirement pay would make up for it, but he would still go to work every day knowing he was underpaid. For the area, the pay is great; for someone with his background, not so much.

Pay and location are our biggest deal makers/breakers right now.

It's a foot in the door, in a lot of ways. That's a plus, right?

On a side note, he received an e-mail today saying he was on a short list for a 12-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Kind of cancels out the low pay issue, doesn't it?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost in Translation

On our way to church today we were having our usual conversation in the car. Destructo was reminded to behave himself, and to whisper if he needed to say anything. He had a few Hotwheels to play quietly with, but only if he was well-behaved. The Wildcard needed to be reminded to not poke or prod his little brother, especially if he was behaving himself.

Simple enough, and everyone seemed to have understood.

Fifteen minutes later we were sitting in church and all was well. Destructo was kneeling on the floor, facing backwards and driving his Hotwheels back and forth, from me the Wildcard and back again. The Wildcard was pretending to be oblivious, which was good. One glance from him always seems to fire up Destructo, and then all bets are off.

Thirty minutes later, all appeared to be well.....until I noticed Destructo glaring at someone behind us.

He was quite angry.

I glanced back and saw the man behind us playing with one of Destructo's Hotwheels. He was pushing it across the back of the bench, racing it and then crashing on to the seat beside me.

Destructo giggled. He had found a new friend.

The man and his two teenagers entertained Destructo quietly. (I later learn that one of the teenagers is a classmate of the Wildcard.)

Forty-five minutes pass and I realize that the car games have stopped and Destructo is quiet.

Another glance in his direction.

He's finger-spelling messages to his new friends. (At least it's quiet, right?)

The Wildcard glances over at the same time - we watch and mentally translate the hand signs. He's spelling his full name - first, middle, and last. I'm pretty impressed. He learned to finger-spell the alphabet when he was about 3 y/o, and we spell things at home often.

The Wildcard is taking American Sign Language this year, and has been teaching Destructo some of the hand signs. I know the alphabet, but am clueless when it comes to most of the signs.

Anyway, we're watching Destructo tell them his name and the name of his school. Then he starts using hand signals and I'm totally lost.

The Wildcard started to giggle, as did one of the teenagers behind us. There was whispering and more giggling behind us.

I'm lost. When I glance over at the Wildcard, he waves me off and starts giggling uncontrollably, then snorts.

Destructo giggles at the snort, the people around us giggle.

Once again, we don't make it through the entire hour without attracting attention.

An hour after we arrived, we are walking out the door and I ask the Wildcard to clue me in on what happened.

Apparently Destructo wanted to tell them that he was six y/o, which is important to any kid who just had a birthday. He mixed up a couple of the signs.

"I have sex" is similar to "I am six", right???

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In the ER at 5 o'clock Sunday morning (yeah, it was a fun weekend):

Spineless Husband and Overbearing Wife who arrived just after us, laughing and joking in the parking lot and as they walked down the empty hallways suddenly became quiet as they approached the reception desk.

Spineless Husband: (Cough. Cough, cough.)

Overbearing Wife: My husband has bronchitis. He needs a note from the doctor.

Receptionist: We'll let the doctor take a look at him.

Later, after being checked in and having vitals taken, they were in the back being examined by the doctor.

Overbearing Wife: He has bronchitis and needs a note. They are going to the field all next week, and it's supposed to rain.

Doctor: He doesn't have bronchitis.

Overbearing Wife: I respect your opinion, doctor, but I know he has bronchitis. All he needs is a note from you so he won't have to go to the field next week. It's supposed to rain, and that's not good for his bronchitis.

Doctor: Ma'am, he doesn't have bronchitis.

Overbearing Wife: He has bronchitis. We need a note.

(This went on for a while, but they eventually gave up and went home.)

Young Marine, still half drunk, being stitched up after a bar fight....making conversation with the two MPs who escorted him to the ER:

Drunken Marine: So, like, you guys have the coolest jobs. How long was your school? Because I always thought I would make a good cop....

MPs politely explain the training requirement to become a military police officer.

Drunken Marine: So, like, do you have to be twenty-one? Because I turned twenty-one in September...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, dude, THAT was a party! YEAH!!!!!!

MPs settle him down.

Drunken Marine: I just remembered. I got maced last night. By a random stranger. I couldn't see for like 45 minutes. Dude, that's why I never drink. Every time I drink, I get maced.

Just-turned 6 y/o who had been up all night, dehydrated from two days of vomiting. He was sound asleep on the bed for an hour while the IV dripped fluids into his tired, little body. Suddenly, without moving a muscle or opening his eyes, he began to return to his normal self:

Destructo: Mom, do dogs go to school?

Me (surprised to hear him talking): No, they don't usually.

Destructo: Does God have a computer?

Me: I'm not sure. Maybe we can Google it when we get home.

Destructo: I just farted.

And with that, he went back to sleep.

(Yeah, he's okay. Just a nasty case of the stomach flu.)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, Who Does This????

Who returns to blogging after a long hiatus and then goes on vacation? Seriously, who??!?

Okay. I did.

Sorry about that.

We made a somewhat short-notice trip to visit the Hubster's family this past week. It was a really nice visit, and we got some potentially GREAT news regarding FIL's leukemia! I don't want to say much at this point, but have my fingers crossed and a lot of prayers that it all works out.

In the meantime, I've started a 365 project.

The past few months were crazy, which meant my camera had been collecting dust.

My (main) New Year's resolution was to get the camera out each day, and I'm focusing on taking a picture a day of the town where we live (except when I'm on vacation, of course!). I've been doing well so far, and hope I don't run out of ideas. Here's the link: Carlsbad 365

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I'm Back!!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to return to Blogging, at least on a semi-weekly basis. Hopefully I will be able to keep up beyond January!

What's new with the family?

Not much, to be honest.

The Diva is working part-time at a local gym and is going to college full-time while living at home. She has changed her major multiple times, but has finally made some really good choices for her future.

The Blonde One has done an 180 degree change and has become a stellar student. Since graduating from high school, he absolutely LOVES college and is focused on his future plans (med school). He has his lifeguard certifications and is working part-time as a lifeguard/swim instructor to pay his way through college.

The Wildcard started high school this year, believe it or not! He is in the Honors program and swimming/playing water polo in his spare time. We are thrilled that he has made some great friends at his new school.

Destructo is in kindergarten half days, and still demanding much of my time. He loves school, loves his teacher, and loves having friends his own age. We love it too.

I've been busy teaching and doing contract work. I took a part-time job teaching at a local university, but last semester the hours were full time.....which was WAY more than I signed on for! I've also been doing some contract work, helping small businesses set up their accounting systems. Unfortunately, my photography has been on hold, but that's something I plan to work on this year!

The Husband, as of today, has reached the 20-year mark with the Marine Corps and can retire at any point. He has been exploring his options in the civilian world and we are excited about the future.

California has been a good/yucky experience for us. There are things we love and things that drive us nuts. More on that in the future, I'm sure.

That's the update in a nutshell. Blogging will commence shortly.....