Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First, Check the Obvious

So, last night I was sitting up waiting for the Diva to get home from a night out with her friends.

Normally I don't wait up for her, but it was getting late and I hadn't heard from her so I was a bit worried. Even though she is 20 y/o, if she isn't home she always calls by 1 a.m. to let me know she's okay and to give me an idea of when to expect her home. If I'm asleep when she comes home, she always lets me know she's home.

Last night she left the house sometime after 9 o'clock. One o'clock came and went and I never heard from her. I sent her a text at 2 o'clock, but she never replied.

This is when I started to worry.

She never forgets to call....sometimes she is late, but she always calls. If she forgets her phone, she borrows one. If I don't answer my cell, she calls the home phone and/or leaves a message.

Last night, nothing.

I called her four times between 2:00 and 3:30. It rang several times, then went to voice mail.

At 3:45 I turned off the television and tried to call one more time. After dialing her number, I heard a ring.......

The ring was coming from upstairs. In her bedroom.

I walked outside, and there was her car in the driveway. She had been sound asleep in bed since some time around midnight. I was cleaning the toy room when she came home, and she assumed I saw her when she walked by.

Next time I'm checking the driveway first.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Feeding Your Inner SuperHero

Last night I made grilled catfish for dinner. Sometimes Destructo will eat them, sometimes not.

Last night was a no-go.

He didn't eat dinner, but I wanted him to eat something before bedtime. He wanted a Pop-Tart and Capri Sun instead of fish. I reminded him of the conversation we had had a couple days earlier about protein, and how it helps build big muscles.

So, when he refused to eat the fish I told him I had a secret for him. He came over to me and I whispered, "Wildcard didn't eat his fish. If you eat yours, your muscles will grow and his won't. Maybe eating the fish will make you stronger than your brother."

That was his motivation.

He took a couple of small bites, but I could tell he needed more convincing. I put a piece of fish on the fork, then pointed to his left bicep and said, "This protein is going to make THAT muscle stronger!"

He ate it, and I continued to point out a different muscle with each bite.

There were two bites left on the plate when I got to his calf muscles. He said he didn't think he needed strong calf muscles, but I told him those are the muscles that help him jump high. So he ate.

Once his plate was empty he walked over and started beating on Wildcard.....just to test my theory.