Fun With Mammography

When we lived in Japan, there was a group of wives who formed a Mammography Club.

It obviously wasn't an official, base-sanctioned organization, and there were no meetings, annual dues, or elected officers. It was simply a group of women who were lucky enough to be over-35 and eligible for an annual mammogram.

Those of us who were ineligible to join (ie. too young) lived vicariously through them. If only we were old enough......

We weren't crazy, really.

We lived on a small military base in central mainland Japan, and our base didn't have the equipment for mammograms. The nearest base with mammogram capabilities was near Tokyo.

So........once a year, the Mammography Club would board the Monday flight from our base and head up to the Tokyo area for their annual "meeting". The return flight wasn't until Thursday, so the club members spent three days shopping, dining, and enjoying the peace and quiet of a hotel room. There were no kids, no husbands, and no responsibilities. The only requirement was to show up for your scheduled appointment.


I thought of this today, as the mammogram Nazi was shoving, squeezing, and adjusting before tightening the vice grips just a little more. Fun stuff.

There were no leisurely lunches, no funky little shops, and very little peace and quiet. All I got was two hours, three missed cell phone calls, and a request to pick up pizza on my way home.

Anyone want to form a Mammography Club?


Anonymous said…
No thanks.

And here in the UK you have to be over 50, so I have another ur-hum...years to go before I get to enjoy that fun (feel the sarcasm!)
Fermina Daza said…
Can we fly to Toykyo sans children and sans husbands for 4 days?? If so, count me IN!