Friday Blues

I swear this was a totally unposed, unrehearsed moment.

We had spent the entire day at the Chrysler place, trying to get some warranty work done on the MomVan. We had breakfast, walked over to the mall, walked around town, headed back to the mall for lunch, then back to the Chrysler place hoping the MomVan would be ready to go.

No such luck.

We were there from 7 a.m. until after 3:30 p.m., and they still didn't correct the problem.

As we drove home, the odometer turned over 70,000 miles and the warranty was no longer valid.
A dog bed, a pacifier, and a bottle of rum will fix anything.


Anonymous said…
Can he make a martini??
Anonymous said…
70,000? Sweetie, you're just getting that thing broken in. I turned over 263,000 last week. Seriously though, you got it in before the warranty expired, not to mention waiting all day and not getting the results you paid for. Aren't they bound to honor the warranty? FFK