Freaky Friday

After an incredibly long and bizarre day, I found myself sitting outside Costco in Hawaii Kai with the Hubster, the Wildcard, and Destructo. It was 3:30 p.m. and I was eating my first meal of the day: The $1.50 hotdog/soda combo.

Up to that point, the day had been a blur of drunken homeless guy fights, an invitation from a very persistent stranger to join his pyramid scheme, hours of elementary school poetry, traffic snarls, and some very strange/intriguing phone calls.

This was my first chance to sit and relax all day, and I was actually enjoying the Costco hotdog (two things that normally aren't well tolerated individually).

We were discussing card and gift options for a birthday party/sleepover the Wildcard was attending on Saturday, and had just decided on a homemade card with cash as a gift, when my cell phone rang.

It was the Wildcard's Birthday Friend's non-English speaking mom.

The Mom: You come to party?

Me: Yes. He plans to come.

The Mom: We wait, okay?

Me: Huh?

The Mom: We wait now, okay?

It took a few minutes, but I finally figured it out. The party wasn't Saturday, it was Friday. Like right now Friday. They were all waiting at the Birthday Friend's house, and when the Wildcard showed up they would head to the party location.

How the Hell did I mess that one up?

(Don't answer....there are a million possible reasons, beginning with "I'm an idiot.")

The good news? The Birthday Friend lived only three blocks from where we were sitting. If we had been home, it would have been a 45-minute drive.

The bad news? The Wildcard had no gift, nothing to swim in, nothing to sleep in, nothing to wear the next morning, and no toothbrush. And he had been in his school clothes all day and, well, you know how much 12 y/o boys sweat, right?

So, we dropped the Wildcard off and headed home. I tossed some clothes and toiletries in a bag, stopped and got a card/cash, and headed back into Waikiki in time for Happy Hour Friday traffic. It was a mess getting in and out of town.

It was 8 p.m. when I walked in the door, and the phone was ringing. It was the Wildcard's scoutmaster. Apparently there was a badge clinic tonight, and he wondered why the Wildcard hadn't made it.

How the Hell did I mess that one up?