Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Famous Last Words

Hubster (on the phone): Whatcha doing?

Me: Destructo is finishing his breakfast, then we are going to make cookies.

Hubster: Can I make two requests? If you make chocolate chip, don't make them all puffy, okay? And whatever you make, don't burn them.

Me: Good thing you mentioned that, because I was planning to burn them today.

Hubster: I'm just saying.....sometimes you get distracted....

Me: Okay. Whatever.

Guess who got distracted and burned the first batch of cookies?

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The bottom row is considered "burned". Everyone likes the gooey centers, anything else is considered "burned".

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Friday Sky

Okay, it was last week's PhotoFriday topic, but I'm late as usual. Plus, this week's topic is "Self Portrait" and I'm not big on posting pictures of myself....I probably won't be doing one of those.

I've always liked this picture for some odd reason. I took it over a year ago, while the Diva was at the orthodontist's office having her braces removed. I popped Destructo in the stroller and wandered around downtown snapping pics while we waited. I don't normally take city pictures, but there are a lot I like from that day.

Here is my
"Sky" picture.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Men Say the Darndest Things...

Hon? Where is the phone book? The one with the numbers in it?

Why are you laughing at me?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Everything From WTF to OMG...

We have friends visiting the island on business, and planned to have dinner with them one night. Nothing was definite, at least as far as I knew.

The Hubster walked in the door at 5:15 and informed me that The Friends would be meeting us at our house at 5:30 and we would be driving them to The Restaurant. Then he rushed to get a quick shower before they arrived.


That left me with a serious dilemma: How did *I* want to spend that fifteen minutes? The Self? The House? Or the MomVan?

I knew The Restaurant's dress code was Hole In The Wall Casual, so one glance in the mirror assured me that all I needed was to brush my teeth and I would be good to go.

After brushing, rinsing, and spitting, I did a quick walk-through of the house.

We have kids. It's lived-in. The Friends are, well, friends. No need to hide the coffee-table porn, the crystal meth/ice sculpture, or the tequila bottle sun-catcher collection.

That left me with about thirteen minutes to focus on the MomVan.

Keep in mind that the MomVan is not meant to transport adults. It's all about getting kids from Point A to Point B and back again. Every sweaty kid within a five-mile radius has caught a ride in the MomVan at one time or another. The floor is covered in dead grass and other assorted plant life, and there is a rather thick layer of sand from front to back. Getting to the back seat requires maneuvering around/over umbrellas, soccer balls, a pair of sneakers, two racquetball racquets, a Nemo backpack, numerous airplanes, and an umbrella stroller. Once you make it to the back seat, you need to shove aside the pile of beach towels, sand toys, and half empty (half full?) water bottles in order to find the seat belts.

The thought of real live, grown adults riding in the MomVan sent chills down my spine. I had my work cut out for me.

Everything was removed from the van and tossed into the garage before I got to work with the vacuum cleaner. It took a good ten minutes of serious vacuuming to get the surface grass and sand off the carpet. A quick fluff of the seat covers and Clorox wipedown of everything else, and I was finished.

The MomVan was presentable for the first time in years.

The Friends arrived five minutes late. Their excuse?

"We were watching you clean your van from the window of our room, so we thought you might need a few extra minutes."

I totally forgot that they were staying at the place that overlooks our neighborhood.

An added note: We went to the new restaurant that replaced
the Pita Pocket Cafe. It was our first time there and it was AMAZING! It's new name is "Paprika" and it has some of the same menu items. There were six of us there and we tried nearly everything on the menu. What we didn't try was brought to us to sample by the owner.

We started with the Hummus and Stuffed Grape Leaves. We each had either a Tabouleh Salad or a Jerusalem Salad, followed by a Shawarma, the Kebobs, or the Falafel. There was much sharing going on and everything was delicious.

When it was time for dessert, one of The Friends tried to order the Baklava, but the owner insisted that we try the cheesecake. After all, it was the recipe of her sister in Israel. We ordered both.


The cheesecake was THE best I've ever had. And (believe me) I know cheesecake!

Paprika is definitely a keeper!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Little Valentine

Either he loves me or he's manipulating me. Or both.

This morning as I was attempting to make myself presentable for the day, Destructo discovered the box of chocolates in the drawer of the refrigerator.

He walked into the bathroom with one chocolate in each hand, handed me one and popped the other into his mouth.

Two minutes later he was back, one chocolate for him, one for me.

This was repeated several more times before he either got sick of chocolates at 7 a.m. or he was distracted by a shiny object somewhere.

Obviously he's smart enough to know that I won't cut off the chocolates-for-breakfast as long as there is something in it for me.

I love him.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kudos to Me!!

As you probably noticed, I haven't been updating much lately. We're in the middle of a busy season - working a lot of angles on a possible move, tax season, and soccer playoffs to name a few.

I did manage to update my
Photo Friday blog last week, but never found the time to mention it here. The topic was "Brother" and the photo I chose was the Blonde One helping Destructo dig a hole in the sand at the beach last summer.

At the end of each week, the PhotoFriday site posts a new topic, and everyone can vote on their favorites from the previous week. The top six photos are recognized as "Noteworthy" the following week.

Guess who got her first "Noteworthy" photo?

It was posted on Monday and I didn't even notice until I logged on tonight to check next week's topic....I'm really falling behind on everything!