Thursday, April 27, 2006

Allow Me To Explain....

So I answer the door with a hammer in one hand, a diaper in the other, and a naked toddler running in the background. And
the first words out of my mouth are, "I'm trying to find a way to keep him from taking his diaper off...."

It wasn't what you thought.

Totally a coincidence.

Birthday Blogging

Today is the Hubster's birthday.

Normal birthday festivities for the Hubster's (and my) birthday go no further than cake, ice cream, and a choice of what to have for dinner. We've never been big on birthday gifts for adults, and that's always worked well for us.

This year I splurged and bought him an iPod.

We have been sharing one, and that doesn't always work well. I like to have it when I run or work out....he likes to lie in bed and listen to music while he falls asleep. The two are not compatible. Having the Carpenters blasting in my ears on mile three does nothing to motivate me. Likewise, a shot of Bon Jovi just as you're dozing off isn't what he's after.

So, I broke the tradition and bought him a birthday gift. (Plus, the Marine Corps Exchange was offering 10% off everything for three hours last night...iPods never go on sale, so I saw it as a sign for me to buy it.)

Which brings me to Part Two of the Birthday Blogging.

Nottagirlfriend's 16th birthday is this week and she is having a huge Birthday Beach Bash this weekend to celebrate. Earlier this week I asked the Blonde One what he planned to get her for her birthday.

He said he hadn't thought about it yet.

Last night, after buying the iPod, I told the Blonde One about the sale and suggested that it may be a good time for him to buy a birthday gift for Nottagirlfriend. I offered to drive him up there, but he wanted to go solo.

An hour later we were playing outside with Destructo and I saw the Blonde One coming up the hill on his bike. He had a bag in his hand, and I took that as a good sign.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

His purchase? Two boxes of chocolates,
Maui Carmacs to be specific. He totally thought that would be an appropriate gift, after all, who doesn't love Maui Carmacs??

Later that night, after everyone had gone to bed, we had a talk.

Me: You really weren't serious about the Carmacs, were you?

Blonde One: (totally puzzled) Yeah. Why?

Me: Don't you think you should get her something a little more personal? Maybe something involving some thought on your part?

Blonde One: (Blank stare.....I think I lost him at the concept of "thought".)

Me: I mean, after all, when the Wildcard goes to birthday parties, he buys his friends more personal gifts than that. And they are only eleven y/o boys.

Blonde One: No, I think it's okay. She'll like the chocolates.

Me: Just think about it, okay? Maybe tomorrow at school you can talk to some of your friends or some of her friends and see if they have any ideas.

All I got was a pair of big blue eyes rolling back in his head. after the kids came home from school, the Blonde One cornered me in the kitchen.

Blonde One: Ummmmm.....when is the next time you're going to the Exchange, or anywhere?

Me: Later today. What do you need?

Blonde One: Well, I was wondering if you could pick out a necklace or something. You know, for Nottagirlfriend's birthday.

Me: Really? (whew) Give me some ideas - what does she like, and what price range are you thinking?

Blonde One: I don't have any ideas. I have $200 cash in my room, so I don't want to spend more than that.

Me: (picking myself up off the floor) Okay.....$200 is quite a bit though......

Blonde One: (as he walked out of the room) Whatever.

A few minutes later he was back.

Blonde One: That $200? I was thinking about it and I really want to buy a longboard. Maybe you can find something less expensive so I can still get my board....

(It's obviously true that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Golden Friday

I know it's only Monday, and it's not like me to get around to PhotoFriday this early in the week. It's not that I am on the ball or anything; I just know I won't have time this week to go out and find anything new for the "Golden" theme.

So, I dug into the archives.

I may have posted this one before. It's from December when the Hubster and I headed up to the North Shore in search of the perfect surfboard. No boards were purchased that day, but we did hit the beach
as the sun was setting.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Going Out in a Blaze of Huh?

The Blonde One is on the JV track team this year. It's his first time running track, and for the most part he has enjoyed it. He is a sprinter/middle distance runner, with hurdles being his favorite event.

I never really figured out the system here in Hawaii, but it seemed like they went from a series of pre-season meets directly into qualifications for state championships. There is something in there about qualifying times, and if you don't have one from a pre-season meet, you aren't allowed to run in the 'regular' season.

Anyway, the Blonde One kicked butt on the 100 and 300 meter hurdles this year, and qualified to run in the qualification meet for the state championships.

(See, I told you this stuff is confusing!!)

So, the qualification meet was today.

His first event was the 100 meter hurdles, and he balked at the first hurdle, walked off the track and scratched the event. End of season for him on the 100 meter hurdles.

He said it just didn't feel right, and he could either scratch or do a face plant into the gravel.

Wise choice. Save the face.

When it came time for the 300 meter hurdles, he was psyched. He warmed up, and took his place in the assigned lane in his heat.

The official told them to step into the starting blocks, then did the standard "On your marks!!!", "Get set".......


Normally, this is when the starter's gun goes off.

Instead, the official said, "Lane two, step away from the blocks."

The Blonde One looked right, looked left, and realized that he was in lane two.

He got up and stepped back, then looked to the official for an explanation.

"You're disqualified," is all he got.

"Huh?" was his response.

"Your shirt isn't tucked in, go take your seat in the bleachers."

End of season.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Full Friday

One of the hazards of living in Hawaii is falling coconuts.

This is one of our trees, and it got so full of coconuts that we didn't let the kids play near it any more. It took all day for the tree-trimmer to remove all the coconuts, and it looked so naked afterward.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


One of the downsides of living on Windward Oahu is the lack of decent restaurants in the area. For the most part, we usually end up heading to town or the North Shore to eat. However......
in the past week we somehow managed to find TWO awesome new restaurants, both local!!!

Our local NBC station runs a weekly "Cheap Eats" segment spotlighting little-known, reasonably priced restaurants. They recently did a piece on
the Pita Pocket Cafe. It took a couple of weeks, but the Hubster and I were finally able to check it out last Friday.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It was totally worth the wait.

It's just a tiny place, in a not-so-appealing part of town, and I never would have found it if I hadn't been looking. The restaurant itself has a walk-up counter where you order, a handful of tables, and funky art for sale on the walls. Very casual and laid back....very "us".

Not knowing any better, we ordered an appetizer (hummus and fresh pita bread) AND a plate (pita sandwich, couscous, and tabbouleh salad) each.

We polished off the appetizer, no problem. When the plate arrived, we knew we had met our match. The sandwich was overstuffed and weighed at least five pounds!! By the time we finished the couscous and salad, we were only able to manage two bites of the pita.

Definitely a keeper.

Fast forward to last night.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was running most of the afternoon and hadn't had time to even think about dinner. On the way home from the Blonde One's track practice, I passed
Mama's Island Pizza, a new restaurant in town. On a whim, I turned the MomVan around and decided that Mama would be making dinner for us.

It was, by far, the best pizza we have ever had. The Finicky One agreed with the Vegetarian who agreed with the Human Garbage Disposal. It was like all the planets aligned in our house for a few brief minutes.

The toppings were so fresh, the sauce was perfect, and the crust was awesome. It was the first time we've NOT had leftover pizza the next day.

The clincher?

The Hubster said his dad, the Ultimate Finicky One, would love it.

Double Jackpot.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Wrapup


The Hubster: So.....have you decided what to have for Easter dinner?

Me: I think pot roast, with vegetables, might be good.......

Hubster: (with a strange, unreadable look on his face) Okay. That might be good. It's different. Unconventional.

(We're not big beef eaters - we're more seafood and poultry people.)

Thursday.......after a trip to the grocery store to pick up pot roast, vegetables, and other assorted items.....

Hubster: I saw you got a pot roast.

Me: Yeah, for Easter dinner. Remember?

Hubster: Maybe we could slice it and make steak sandwiches. Or do barbecue beef sandwiches...

Me: I didn't buy stuff for sandwiches. It's Easter. Is pot roast okay? We have turkey and ham for Christmas and Thanksgiving, so I tried to think of something different. And the kids loved beef last week when we did steaks on the, I remembered you loved it when your mom made it last time we were there.....

Hubster: It's okay (there's that look again).

Saturday, just the two of us out for dinner...........

Hubster: So, it's pot roast tomorrow?

Me: Is that okay? You've been really freaked out about the pot roast for some reason.

Hubster: No, no. It's okay. Just wondering if you changed your mind.

Sunday........after the pot roast has been cooking for four hours, the Hubster has sampled it and declared it to be 'dry', yet let it cook for an additional hour....

Hubster: You know, I never liked pot roast. We used to have it all the time when I was growing up and it was always dry.

Me: (thinking) Just eat the freakin' pot roast and shut up!!! You had plenty of opportunities to tell me this before I made dinner.

(The kids loved it, by the way.)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Blonde (squared)

The Blonde Ones trying to make movie plans last night:

The Blonde One's cell phone rings while I'm driving him home from his track meet. It's Nottagirlfriend's special ringtone.

Blonde One: Hello?


Blonde One: Let me call you back in a few minutes. I'm in the car with my mom right now.


After we arrive at home he steps outside to make a phone call. He is back in less than a minute.

Me: So, what did you decide?

Blonde One: She's going to call me back. Her dad is fixing the air conditioner in her room and she can't talk right now.

So, a few minutes later the Blonde One's phone rings while he is in the middle of making a sandwich. In the kitchen. The same kitchen where I am making dinner.

Blonde One: Hey....I'll call you back in a minute, okay??

He finishes making his sandwich, steps outside again with his sandwich and his phone. A few minutes later he comes back in.

Blonde One: We're going to an 8:15 movie. Can you drive? I told her I would check with you and get back to her.

Me: You know, you could have saved yourself four phone calls if you had just decided this when she called the first time. But, yes, I can drive.

Blonde One: Thanks!

(And he disappeared out the back door to make his phone call.................)

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Yuckies Strike Again

(Just in time for a long weekend.)

It started with an ornery Destructo, progressed to a fever, long, sleepless nights and many, many poopy diapers.

I think it peaked yesterday morning, which is why I received the phone call from the Wildcard's school yesterday afternoon.

There was vomiting and fever. And crying because Fitness Team tryouts were after school and he didn't want to miss them.

The kids have been practicing after school for two months, getting in shape for the tryouts to see who will be the school representatives at the Fitness Team meet next week. Only one boy and one girl from each grade will be able to participate, the rest will be spectators (and get to miss a day of school PLUS have Subway for lunch).

So, missing tryouts was a huge disappointment for the Wildcard.

The vomiting has stopped, but the fever and lethargy remain. (That's actually a nice change from the usual hundred miles per minute pace he keeps.)

The Blonde One was running a fever as he left for his track meet this morning.

It seems to be working its way up, youngest to oldest. I'm thinking at this pace, I'm due for the Easter Crud.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Prom Drama


It's been keeping me away from my blogging duties lately, along with any other responsibilities I may have.

Fortunately, the Diva scaled back her vision. We found some great retro-ish fabric with gold metallic thread running through it, and she fell in love. Beads were out, gold and retro were in.

We found a pattern, a pretty simple one, but we'll have to modify it a bit because it wasn't exactly what she wants.

The prom is still a few weeks away, so no pressure..........right?

Yesterday the Diva was checking the status of her dress, and dropped this bombshell:

Ummmmm......I have a date for the prom. And he sort of goes to a different school. And I'm going to his prom too. So......his is in two weeks. Will my dress be ready by then? Do you think you could make me a separate dress for my prom?


Sunday, April 09, 2006


The pacifiers are history.

A few days after "bweaking" the first bedtime one, we "bwoke" the second one and hid the two that were in the car.

Last Sunday we broke the final bedtime pacifier.

It has been a brutal week, but we (somehow) survived.

Naptimes are the worst - Destructo is so used to playing with his pacifiers, one in each hand, and now he has no idea what to do with his hands. He also has a problem settling down and falling asleep. We've tried letting him take a toy to bed to keep his hands busy, putting extra books in bed, and new bedtime CD's for him to listen to.

I think he had two naps this week, and it took over two hours for him to fall asleep each time.

Needless to say, it's been a rough week for me too.

Today I decided to lie down with him at naptime, thinking it would help him fall asleep. I had been up since 5 a.m. to run the 10-k, so I was ready for a nap too.

We did the usual routine - we read a couple of airplane books, pulled out his special blankie, put on a CD (
Little Einsteins in this case), and let him have the Little Einstein book/clings which accompany the CD.

Destructo played with his blankie and tried to get out of bed, then settled in to look at his LE book and play with the clings.

I was asleep within ten minutes, and dozed in and out for the next hour.

I finally gave up and let Destructo have a pass on the nap. We both got back up to see what else was happening.

I was half asleep and totally groggy when we walked back into the living room. The Diva looked at me and asked if I was feeling okay. The Wildcard just laughed at me. The Hubster asked how the nap went, and which one of us had actually fallen asleep.

I told him I fell asleep, but Destructo just played.

He said, "I kind of figured that."

Then he reached over and pulled Little Einsteins clings off my forehead.

Friday, April 07, 2006



Go to Costco.

As it is opening.

On the first day of a coupon sale.


Let me repeat:

Never, ever go to Costco as it is opening on the first day of a coupon sale.

People are crazy. I don't know if they started that way, or got that way after being in the store for a few minutes.

Never again.
Operation Marathon

I've started a
Running Blog so as not to bore you with all the running talk.

My goal for the year is the Honolulu Marathon, and I've planned a series of races throughout the year to build up to the marathon in December.

Saturday is the Ford Island Bridge Run, a 10-K out in Pearl Harbor (literally). My next race will (hopefully) be a 10-miler near the end of May.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reality Check

I may have mentioned that I have been looking for a part-time job. I really do not want to put Destructo in day care - that's just my personal preference - but I am okay with a few hours of day care a week if it's necessary for my dream job.

I've also not been able to make it to the gym in what seems like forever. The morning thing is really, really hard for me, so I've always tried to go in the evening. Unfortunately, lately things don't seem to settle down around here until it's too late to make it to the gym. So I had a brainstorm.....why not take Destructo to the drop-in daycare for a few hours a week just so I can have some "me" time?

Two weeks ago I called and reserved a spot for him two mornings next week. And while I was on the phone, I reserved a spot for him for today, because I had a dental appointment. Nothing major, just a simple cleaning. In and out, back at the drop-in center within 90 minutes. As a bonus, I'll get a chance to see how he handles the whole "daycare" issue. (After all, I plan to take him there so I can go to the gym and get a job. That's not asking a lot, is it?)

Fast-forward to this morning, and Destructo's trip to the drop-in center.

Calling it a HUGE failure is an understatement.

I was chillin' in the dental chair when my cell phone rang for the first time. I ignored it because I am one of those strange people who enjoys going to the dentist, and even finds it relaxing.

A few minutes later it rang again.

And then again.

My hygenist (who I just love, by the way) paused to let me check my phone.

Two missed calls from the drop-in center, one from the Hubster. Three new voicemails.

I listened while my hygenist flossed and fluoridated.

Call #1 from the drop-in center. Destructo was hysterical and had been that way since I left. Just thought I would want to know.

Call #2 from the drop-in center. They had called the Hubster and informed him of the situation. He would handle things.

Call #3 from the Hubster. He had sprung Destructo from the drop-in center. He was walking home because he didn't have a car seat. How much longer would I be?

At this point I hadn't even been gone an hour.

I'm thinking the job and the "me" time at they gym won't be happening for a while.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Have Issues

I am (quite obviously) no grammar goddess, but I do have a thing for obvious errors.

Like the time the Blonde One was on a soccer team named the "Flying Geckos".

When he received his uniform, the Team Mom quickly collected all the shirts and took them off to the screen printer to have the team name and player names printed on the shirt. No problem, this was standard procedure.

However.................................when he got his shirt back, it said "Flying Gecko's"

That's right - "Gecko's" with the apostrophe.

I scratched and scratched, but that apostrophe wouldn't come off. There was no way I would allow the Blonde One to wear a shirt that said "Flying Gecko's". So, after every washing I took an ink pen and colored over the freakin' apostrophe. (Fortunately, the shirts were a navy blue color, and the lettering was red.)

I was reminded of this just a few days ago when I took the Blonde One to track practice.

There was a team from across town practicing on the same track. They were all wearing their practice shirts.....white shirts with the Superman "S" on the front. (Their team name begins with the letter "S", so this made sense.) However, when the players turned around, the type on the back of the shirt said, "Faster then a speeding bullet."

Okay.............I wouldn't allow my child to wear that shirt either.

Maybe I'm anal, but this type of thing bothers me.

Which is why I was totally offended when I was corrected by someone with real issues.

I've been semi-seriously looking at the job market, hoping to find a job that would allow me to use my brain, yet not have to put Destructo in day care.

I thought I had found the perfect opportunity this weekend. It was a part-time accounting position, working from home as an independent contractor. I ignored the eight errors in the ad (have I mentioned that there were eight mistakes in the ad????) and sent an e-mail expressing my interest and requesting more information on the job and company.

I'll admit, I should use a spell-checker (especially for professional correspondence), but I would rather have the pop-up blocker than the spell-checker. So, no spell-checker.

Anyway........I received a reply from the guy posting the ad. (It had two errors in it - he used the word "pass" instead of "past" and "you're" instead of "your".) He said I seemed very qualified and asked me to call him to arrange an interview. Then, at the end of the e-mail, he added this line: P.S. you're spell checker is turned off.


I re-read my e-mail and found the one spelling error that was obviously caught by HIS spell-checker. I really should have caught it before I sent the e-mail, but who is he to point that out when he can't even figure out if he should use "too" or "to"?

There's no way I would work for someone who is so quick to point out my mistake, but has no clue about his own.