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Maybe it IS Rocket Science

As you may remember, Captain Awesome has been infatuated with airplanes since the day he was born.  When he was little, there were daily walks to see the static displays of airplanes, he had his ever-present basket of toy planes, and I have dozens of photos of him with his little nose pressed against the window watching the airplanes taking off and landing on the runway at the bottom of the hill.

So, no surprise that he joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) as soon as he was old enough.

If you are unfamiliar with Civil Air Patrol, it is an auxiliary branch of the Air Force and they provide support for search and rescue, drug intervention, and related actions.  Plus, they have a youth program for kids 12-18 who are interested in all things aviation. They follow many military traditions, including the wearing of military uniforms.

In addition to the focus on aviation, they require volunteerism, character building, and physical fitness. Oh, and they let kids fly planes!!  Captain Awesome has…

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