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Two Months!

Today is my 2-month quitaversary - it's been two months since I officially quit Facebook.  Since then, I've had friends ping me with questions about leaving, most commonly these three questions:

1. Was it hard to walk away from Facebook?  I could never do that!!

Actually, I bet most people could do it. I was honestly surprised how easy it was! And I'm surprised how much more productive my days have been since leaving. The first day, I sat down and checked my mail as I usually do, checked a few social media sights that are not named 'Facebook', then walked away. I hung curtains in Captain Awesome's room, drafted a plan for a desert garden in our side yard, and caught up on a list of phone calls I'd been avoiding. All before 10 a.m.

I never was one to post every thought or action throughout the day, but I usually had Facebook open in the background while I was working and those pop-up notifications would pull me in multiple times each day.  I didn't reali…

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