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So it goes like this.....

If I didn't know better, I would swear the Blonde One and the Wildcard were identical twins, sharing every speck of DNA possible.  Except I can tell them apart, and there is a 4.5 year age difference. And I don't have the stretch marks of someone who has been pregnant with multiples.

But other than that, they are interchangeable.

This has led to some shenanigans when they worked together as lifeguards at the aquatic center.

They are both extremely intelligent, and convey that without being arrogant.  So, the fellow lifeguards look up to them and see them as mentors.

On the flip side, they are smartasses, and will take advantage of the idolatry.

For example, one day they told a few fellow guards that there are underwater pineapple farms in Hawaii.   And the story spread because, why not?  They lived in Hawaii and they are smart and they know things.  They never really told anyone it wasn't true, they just said that most of the underwater pineapple farms went out of business…

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