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Happy Thanksgiving, Haole Style!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

As is traditional for us, we went low-key.

We have no extended family in the area, so for holidays we open our doors to our kids' friends who don't have family in the area.  Today, it was a friend of the Wildcard and Blonde One who is (was, the Blonde One has moved on) their boss at the pool.  They have been friends for several years, before the employer/employee relationship kicked in.

So, very casual. 

Dinner was great, the friend brought his famous, amazing apple pie (he was a pastry chef in training before heading west to SoCal). We chilled, ate too much, and enjoyed the day.

Tonight, seemingly out of the blue, the Hubster said, "Next holiday, remind the Wildcard to wear a shirt for dinner".

I honestly hadn't noticed his shirtlessness.

Crunchy Girl was standing by and was shocked to hear that he hadn't worn a shirt.  She was sitting there and hadn't noticed.

I went upstairs to admonish the Wildcard for not wearing a shirt…

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